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We Provide House Lifting Services.

House lifting services in kolkata

House lifting services in kolkata

MSBL is known as the most famous and the best house lifting services provider in KolkataWe are the leading company in Kolkata. We take complete care for customer budget and customer house while doing our duty we take complete care of your house because your house is our responsibility to elevate your house we never take any risk that affects your house .we have the best House lifting services in KolkataThat s become the big reason why a lot of people trust us.

Building a lifting solution by jack- House lifting services in Kolkata

You can easily lift up your home by jack. Building lifting by jack has become very effective to elevate your house and also your walls of the house will remain safe. MSBL try to make the use of technology unless it is about your home and how someone can take the risk about their home so you can easily trust us.

Lift Your Home and Build a Story under that

Did you know that you simply may add a story beneath a raised house?

MSBL has the best building lifting services, If you wish to add a story to your house, you don’t have to be compelled to waste time and cash removing and reconstruction a wonderfully smart roof, to not mention cleaning or reworking the story simply below the roof. We are the top building lifting services provider in KolkataWe are able to elevate the prevailing structure to only on top of the new desired height (typically between 8 to 12 feet). a brand new wood floor system is then built on the prevailing foundation walls and exterior frame walls square measure set in the suit. Once all the bearing points square measure in the suit, our crew can come back to line the house onto the newly-constructed ground level.

Our Commitment to House Uplifting

We should make sure that the building is protected against all kinds of Natural disasters as we have the no.1 House lifting services in Kolkata so you no longer need to be fear. If your home is lying in a very low surface area close to the ocean or the river, then there are lots of possibilities that your house would be affected by floods. When the homes were constructed, enough anti-flood measures we are not taken to safeguard it from floods. This is often as a result of the specified technology was not out there at that time of your time. Protection from floods to a home is common in areas of South and West India etc. wherever these areas are subjected to heavy rain. it is not uncommon for these areas to urge flooded quickly. That is why;  most of the homes that are created during this space are created on an elevated plane. the houses are usually designed on a platform that is an honest four to five feet on top of ground-level .we are the best in House lifting services in Kolkata so you can surely visit MSBL in Kolkata.

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